Science- It has blessed us with many facilities but at the same time, it has become curse for environment. Such as air pollution, light pollution, radiation waves etc which are causing global warming and unseen killings of bees & bacteria.
Although! above mentioned things are negative ones but if we take a look on positive side, we will find it blessing. Science has developed a lot these days in accordance with environmental protection; new and advanced technologies are invented which contribute to the safe, secure and green environment. Such technologies are Hybrid engine; it is designed with advanced level of technology which exhausts zero smoke. And another technology which is contributing to the safe environment, is Solar Plant System.

Now, if we just take these two technologies as major contributor those save environment, we will find following advantages of these technologies; Hybrid engine works on chargeable battery & produce zero smoke- Smoke affects Ozone layers and destroys upper case of protection of the Planet Earth which causes direct entrance of Ultra Violet rays on the Earth- result in high temperature, damage the skin cells, explosion of fuel tanks, absorption of water etc. Secondly, Solar Plant System- people get sufficient with its capacity. Therefore, use it properly and punctually. Another advantage of Solar plant system is that it balances the usage whereas light does not so as a result, we face explosion, high degree temperature because of heated machinery etc.

Advantages of Solar Plant System (Source: Google)

-Once solar plants are installed, they produce energy without generating waste or pollution.
-A solar panel saves approx. 0.7 pounds of coal per kWh, or 2 pounds of carbon dioxide per kWh,
-Over it’s 35-year expected life, a 10 kWh system will provide CO2 reduction equivalent to planting 1450 trees. In comparison to a coal fired power plant, 10 kWh system will prevent emissions of 960,000 lbs carbon dioxide and 1400 lbs nitrogen oxides. It will produce 575,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, as much as would be generated by burning 583,000 lbs coal.

In the end, I would suggest that Science should take further steps in this regards to play vital role in the protection of the Planet Earth.

Steps should be:
-Replacement of Fuel Operating Machinery to Solar Plant System
-Advancement in Hybrid Invention-Ban of Fuel Consuming Vehicles (Hybrid Vehicles found to be more fuel efficient)
-Inflation in rate of Machinery which exhausts smoke


Save Environment


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